Frequently asked questions


1. How much does a Freesat installation cost and how soon could you come?
We cant put a price on that because each property is different and peoples needs are all different as for when we can come we usually try to get them done within a couple of days.

2. How much would a new digital aerial cost and how soon could you come?
Again that is hard but they start at £100.00 plus vat and again within a couple of days.

3. Are there any hidden costs?
No hidden costs - we can quote when we are on site for the work you require.

4. Will there be much mess during installation?
We always clean up and take away any old equipment.

5. Is all the work you do guaranteed?
We give a 12 month guarantee on new equipment installed.

6. Do you charge for providing a quote?
No, there is no charge for providing quotes.

7. Can I pay by Credit/Debit card?
No we accept Cash, Cheque or payment by BACS.

8. Do I need planning permission, listed building consent or owners/landlords consent to have a satellite dish or a motorised satellite system installed?
Yes you do from the Landlords and listed buildings.

9. What do I need if I want to watch channels from abroad?
That just depends what satellite and channels you are after. Most of the time customers get there own equipment and we install but we can also provide the equipment. We would need to discuss your requirements with you.

10.Do you try to hide cables and satellite dishes?
Our priority is to try and make the cables as neat and discreet as possible and to put dishes out of site where possible.

If you have any questions or need any advice on your requirements please contact us.



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